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raw_image[] values are 'as decoded from RAW file', so black level is not subtracted.

If you're making 'in house' application, so the only camera you plan to use is A7R-4, the exact black level for this camera is 512.
so inverted_value = maximum - original_value + 512 (maximum is also has black level within it).

If you plan to use multiple cameras, look into src/preprocessing/subtract_black.cpp source for black subtraction code and into src/utils/utils_libraw.cpp:adjust_bl() function for additional details.

2nd: If you're processing color negatives, inversion in linear domain will not result in acceptable image color because of color masking used in that negatives ( )
Also, for both color and BW negatives you'll need to adjust contrast.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC