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Creating static build for OSX (dylib relative path)


I can compile the library with:

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$(CACHE_DIR)/lib/pkgconfig ./configure --prefix=$(CACHE_DIR) ac_cv_prog_c_openmp=-Xpreprocessor\ -fopenmp ac_cv_prog_cxx_openmp=-Xpreprocessor\ -fopenmp LDFLAGS=-lomp --disable-examples --enable-static=yes --enable-shared=no
make install

However there are libraw*.dylib files next to the libraw*.a files. They are registered by relative path so I cannot make the binaries portable. I'm trying to use it with ImageMagick.

The error when I try to identify a raw image:
Command failed: dyld: Library not loaded:

It works only on the machine it was compiled.

The other libraries I compile into the IM do not have dylib files (libjpeg, libbz2, libpng, libtiff...), is it possible that there is a flag I did not find to disable dylib generation?