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almost solved

Haha oh man, thanks for the answer!

I'm stupid, I just wanted it to be done and didn't look right at my garbage.
I fixed the code and the Whitebalance probleme disapeared.

But unfortunaly I ran into another problem.
The red colors seems to be shifted, so brown colors appears bluish.
Also blue seems to become orange.

Here is the correct image as jpg Converted from Photoshop
and the source Raw file:

I tried to play with the settings in Rawprocessor->imgdata.params, but couldn't figure it out.
My code looks now something like this (not production code):

int LoadRaw(char *charBuffer, int size)
	// Result if enabled :
	RawProcessor->imgdata.params.use_camera_wb = 0;
	// Result if enabled:
  	RawProcessor->imgdata.params.use_auto_wb = 1;