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Cr3 Raw wrong Whitebalance


I'm working on a project in whiche I need to load a Cr3 Raw from the Canon EOS 250D, edit further in a c# programm via GDI and save it as Jpg, Tiff or png.
As far I can load the raw file via Libraw and copy the imagebuffer in my c# programm.

After I save the image, the Whitebalance isn't equal to the Cr3 file opened in Photoshop.

How it looks out ouf PS

How it looks out auf Libraw/C#App

Maybe I'm missing something.

My Raw loading code looks like this:

int LoadRaw(char *charBuffer, int size)
  int i, ret, verbose = 0, output_thumbs = 0;
  // Try to use camera WB and RGB colorformat
  libraw_data_t imgD = RawProcessor.imgdata;
  imgD.params.use_camera_wb = 1;
  imgD.params.user_flip = 0;
  imgD.params.output_color = 1;
  pRgbBitmap = RawProcessor.dcraw_make_mem_image(&ret);