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Raspberry Pi RAWs

The Raspberry Pi RAWs should be identical to the RAW data dumps in the JPEG file.
Look for "BRCMo" (Hex: 42 52 43 4d 6f) in your files. Thats where my files start.

Unfortunatelly I can only produce RAWs for my real use case. Maybe I could put fake JPEGs in front?

I have also to contact the people from DeepSkyStaker. The program loads EXIF(JPEG) files at start concatenated w/ RAW but only uses the JPEG ...

It looks like I have 2 possible options:
1st: Fake JPEG data in front of the RAW data and and fix the bug in DeepSkyStacker
2nd: Enable LibRaw to read the pure RAWs (here a fork of dcraw which should be able to do this: and ask for a DeepSkyStacker update with the new Libraw.