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Sony A7 II and LibRaw 0.19

When I am processing raw files using LibRaw I check that the camera is supported by looking it up in the array of supported cameras pointed to by LibRaw::cameraList(). For most cameras so far this has worked well so long as I use a case independent comparison (e.g. Fujifilm versus FujiFilm). I do this so that I can warn users that their camera isn't supported by LibRaw because the results may not be as expected.

I've just been sent a Raw file taken with a Sony A7 II where the EXIF data reports the camera as "Sony ILCE-7M2" which of course doesn't match "Sony A7 II" which is what's in the supported camera array.

Looking at the code where LibRaw is checking for the camera model internally it's clearly using "ILCE-7M2" as the comparison string rather than "A7 II".

Given this is there a "better way" to check that a camera is actually supported than binary seach of the supported camera array?

If I am using a good approach to checking camera support, please could I request that you add the ILCE name variants to the supported camera array for checking by external code. Maybe you could change the relevant strings to read (e.g.) "Sony ILCE-7M2 / Sony A7 II") in a similar way to how you handled some of the Canon cameras?