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Thanks but


no need to shout at me, I was documenting my progress here for others to hopefully help. Maybe I should have kept it to myself.

> blacks are NOT subtracted by unpack().

... may I humbly refer you to your documentation, which clearly states:

Structure libraw_colordata_t: Color Information
unsigned black;
Black level. Depending on the camera, it may be zero (this means that black has been subtracted at the unpacking stage or by the camera itself)

I do not wish to use the 4-component-distribution version of the data for several reasons (one, not the least, being performance, my current very crude reverse-engineered version is slightly faster than the original and that is without optimization and converting large loops to CUDA). That is why I was asking questions in order to better understand what happens under the hood.
In the end I want to use libraw for reading/unpacking RAW data and do all post-processing after that step myself, to better integrate it into pipelines. Recreating the reading part would be possible since my usecases only cover about 10 different camera models/brands and I have limitless access to all of them, but libraw (dcraw) is doing a great job there, so why reinvent the wheel ...

Thanks for the advice you gave (pointing me back to ninedegrees)! If we were able to communicate better I would volunteer for reworking the documentation, obviously, that would not be wise. Therefor: Thank you for the work you invest in maintaining libraw!