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the question was a two-parter

the question was a two-parter.

first: "So when you say daylight colour profile, its a preset that comes with libraw vs what the camera thinks it should be?"

Second, if there is no way to correctly white balance to 6500k, then why do we even have these numbers to begin with?

There are other reasons for wanting to get a correct d6500 white balance than matching a physical lamp. For example if i have to work with raw files from several cameras: then if they could all reliably be set to a 6500k white balance, they would at least all match eachother regardless of the actual lamp temperature, saving one self the work of having to grade each camera individually.

Also look at the rawtoaces project. it is specifically made to convert raw files to aces colourspace which is calibrated around a 6000k (?) whitepoint. Unfortunately not all cameras have had their sensors analysed for spectral sensitivity.