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There is very similar report

There is very similar report related to digiKam:

Quote from my last reply in that thread:
1st: the backtraces points to LibRaw::LibRaw (constructor), so the problem is not related to any specific RAW file

2nd: I've tried XCode 6, XCode 8, XCode 9 builds (using make -f Makefile.dist) and was unable to reproduce the problem using both dcraw_emu (single thread) and half_mt (multithreaded). Both samples works fine with DSC_1796.NEF sample (link above). The sample was multiplied into many (same) files: DSC_1796-[0-9].NEF

So, I'm still suspect that this is not LibRaw problem, but not enough stack problem. LibRaw objects are big (e.g. several 16-bit curves), so default stack size could be not enough (it is better to allocate LibRaw object dynamically to avoid that).

Is there any way to see is enough stack space is present [in your app]?

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC