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Laheller, thanks for the

Laheller, thanks for the wrapper. It works for colour images but at the moment not for extracting unprocessed raw.

The second green color is missing. I get RGB0 where 0 stand for zero value. See this screen shot.

I do the following


Maybe Alex can clarify:
Why is the second green missing and how to fix? Having the raw packed in a three color image is not a problem but the missing second green is a problem.

Is this the LibRaw standard way for getting unprocessed raw: "getting three buffers: RED, GREEN, and BLUE. All buffers have the same sizes (size of the image) but with “holes” in the place of other colors pixels." or is a better way?

And what is also puzzling is in an other program setting libraw_set_output_color(handler, LibRaw_output_color.raw); doesn't do anything either.