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Hi Alex,

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your reply.

Just checked: dcraw_emu will run properly. However, linking the native DLL against the static library 'libraw.a' or 'libraw_r.a' will crash with described failure during initializer of LibRaw (processor). The Java application has reasonable memory added (a few GB of heap). With exactly the same linking procedure libraw.a from LibRaw-0.17 works properly. What might go wrong here at build time?

BTW: Will 0.18 provide support for EOS 77D? I guess, no, but not certain.

Just switched back to dcraw. But this solution comes with drawback not being able to access the native camera data like black values, cam_matrix, etc. So, I prefer the use of libraw for raw processing.

Could you give some advice where to look into make files or build configuration what might cause the crash using libraw.a from the new version?

I can provide a Java stack trace, but this is not very informative, as it does not go deep enough into the native C code.

Best wishes for 2018!