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Getting SIG_SEGV in xtrans_decode_block (libraw_fuji_compressed.cpp)

Hi Alex,

on my libraw port on android, I'm getting a SIGSEGV (signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2 (SEGV_ACCERR)) in the xtrans_decode_block function when trying to call "libraw_unpack" on a raf file reported by an user (X-T20)(see link below). What I tried is to check at which point exactly it crashes (it's a little tricky under android), and found out that it fails somewhere in the last loop (logged the state at line 712, the last output before it fails is:
xtrans_decode_block 22 15 512 (22 = g_even_pos, 15 = g_odd_pos, 512 = line_width)

What's strange is that I couldn't reproduce the crash: When trying to use the provided windows binaries, the file is getting identified correctly. RawDigger also opens the file perfectly. Can you point me into any direction what I'm may doing wrong or need to adjust so the segment fault gets fixed?

I'm using a copy of the current git repository.

Link to raf file:

Best Regards