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RawSpeed team is focused

RawSpeed team is focused mostly on code rewrite and cleanup and on correct handling of corner cases (e.g. fuzzer testing, etc). This is very important work, but in reality users of RAW processing software usually feeds it by files created by cameras, but not random crap generated by fuzzer.

On the other side, the real issue with real files created by real camera is not fixed for 10 months: (is this library really *maintained* ?)

So, I'm somewhat skeptical about current RawSpeed state. It has very strong features (e.g. LJPEG decoder is really ~30% faster on Canon 5Ds files, this is vital for apps build for speed /like our FastRawViewer/), but focusing on 'pure software development process' (code cleanup, modern C++ rewrite, fuzzer testing) instead of handling real issues is, at least, questionable from my point of view.

Most likely, we'll support 'RawSpeed devel' (do not know exact version is it v3 or v4 now) in LibRaw after 0.19 release (so, this year).

Very probable, that support will use some 'whitelisting', so only known/tested camera files to be passed to RawSpeed decoder (and, sure, this list will be empty by default).

P.S. RawSpeed has imported our (LibRaw) compressed fuji decoder and provided feedback was very useful, we fixed two (or so) corner cases based on it.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC