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Updated Links!

Greetings, everyone. I have fond memories of this project and the learning involved. But I also have emails coming in requesting permission to view my tables with their expired links. For every person that requests access, Google tells me

" is requesting access to a file via an old link, which is no longer valid due to a security update. Share the file with this person directly, or copy and send the new link in sharing settings."

The email from my original account was shut down years ago, but I hosted the files on a permanent account. So here are updated links for each of the resources. Here's to another four years of, hopefully, helping people out.

Also @ajohnson was very, very correct about the DHT artifacts in dark regions. Spent a whole what, day?, half a day?, in 2019, cross-examining the algorithms and the rest of the project and unfortunately it was all DHT!

Fence / Roof comparison:

Light comparison:

Cone comparison:

Track line comparison:

Black / white checker comparison (animated GIF!):

Summary table with performance times (on a decently large 16bit image):