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dcraw_emu X-E2 color

Hi Iliah,
I am using dcraw_emu (as I used dcraw 9.27 previously) as a simple tool to convert a raw file to a tiff. I'm trying to keep it very simple and use existing tools created by people such as yourself who are experts in many of these things. My program acts as a controller and uses these existing tools (such as dcraw_emu) to perform specific tasks. I'm not a C programmer and thus I don't have the ability to rebuild a custom version of dcraw_emu.

My need is simple: I just need dcraw_emu to create tiff files that are good quality (color-accurate) versions of the image that was captured in the raw file. The result should be quite similar to the original embedded JPEG and to the results produced by other raw converters. In almost all cases, dcraw_emu is doing that. The greens in my X-E2 sample pictures seem to be an exception.

As a further comparison, I converted my sample file with Lightroom and with Affinity Photo (I can provide samples if you wish). The result was:
* The original embedded JPEG and the tiff file produced by dcraw 9.27 were the brightest green (almost the same).
* The version produced by Lightroom was close to the embedded JPEG but the greens weren't quite as bright.
* The Affinity Photo version was quite a bit yellower than the previous versions. I don't think that it provided a very accurate version of the greens.
* The Dcraw_emu version came out similar to the Affinity Photo version (but lighter). Converting it with the brightness turned down further might produce a very similar version to Affinity Photo.

Going back to the dcraw 9.27 color profiles could be an unnecessary step backward. In my testing of the Sony ARW files, I found that the version produced by dcraw_emu has more accurate colors than the dcraw 9.27 version (which was much yellower). Thus, for my purposes, a small change to the color profile for the X-E2 (and the other X cameras if they are the same) should give me everything that I need from dcraw_emu.

Developer of RNS (Run Nik Collection Standalone)