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Output Color Options

I'm using LibRaw in a macOS application for quickly showing thumbnails to a user of RAW files that aren't natively supported by macOS. It's working great, but I'm a bit confused by the documentation for:


It says:

"The function is intended solely for demonstration and testing purposes; it is assumed that its source code will be used in most real applications as the reference material concerning the order of RAW data processing."

I don't intend to do any RAW processing myself so I'm relying on this method to produce an image that can be displayed to the user. Should I not be using it?

Along the same lines, if I do use that method, I'm curious what configuration options I should set to get an image that is visually similar to those produces by other RAW engines. I appreciate that not all RAW engines are the same, but the images I'm getting a considerably less saturated and contain considerably less contrast than those coming from other applications (including FastRawViewer).

The following settings are passable, but are there better ones I could be using?

  processor->imgdata.params.use_camera_wb = 1;
  processor->imgdata.params.gamm[0] = 1.0 / 2.4;
  processor->imgdata.params.gamm[1] = 12.92;

Thank you.