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sample code with mingw

Thank you for the response.
You may qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw492-5.6.2.exe. It has mingw32-make.exe.
I installed it and installed MSYS 1.0.11 where I referenced mingw directory.
After setting the paths to mingw and MSYS, in windows 7 command prompt I compiled libraw by
sh ./configure
mingw32-make -f makefile.mingw
I could get libraw.a (994kb), but not sure whether it is properly compiled or

Because the line
#include "libraw/libraw.h"
in simple_dcraw.cpp suggests that it would be better to put simple_dcraw.cpp to
the parent of samples (../samples), I copied simple_dcraw.cpp to the parent of
samples(../sample) and executed
g++ simple_dcraw.cpp -o simple.exe -Ilibraw -Llib -lraw
at there(../samples). So I think "-Ilibraw -Llib -lraw" seems OK.