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Yes, you may implement LibRaw

Yes, you may implement LibRaw datastream without filename. Look into LibRaw_buffer_datastream as a sample.
Your datastream->fname() should return NULL in this case. This should work OK for most RAW data with one exception:
- old (not current) 'CHDK hack' (or DIAG RAW hack, cannot remember now) creates RAW file without any metadata, just sensor dump.
- all metadata is stored in filename.JPG (same file, different extension).

dcraw (and than LibRaw) is able to parse filename.raw + filename.JPG pair to get metadata (exposure parameters, etc) from the second file.

Another story is make_jas_stream() (from Jasper JPEG2000 library). This call is needed only if you want to decode Red cinema file. Again, you may implement it as 'return 0'; and all things will work OK (exception LIBRAW_EXCEPTION_DECODE_JPEG2000 raised within LibRaw, then converted to return code in unpack())

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC