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Kodak file problems

I have a collection of raw files that LibRaw now processes without many issues.

There are two types of files that still have issues, only one of which is probably important.

The first one is apparently "Nucore" (extension .bmq) images which used to be supported but for some reason support was removed from dcraw. Considering the source of the raw images that I got for testing, I find this somewhat interesting that a supported format would be withdrawn. However, I did dig around and found a comment in the dcraw RC history that indicates the removal was intentional. So I'm not going to worry too much about this, at least right now.

The second group of pictures is some Kodak images fail with -100008 errors. I did some tracing of this and it would seem that the variable data_size isn't set (sometimes?) when processing a Kodak DC120 JPEG image. I am building the LibRaw source with JPEG enabled and using the turbojpeg library in the same build for regular JPEG image processing. So it seemed like a simple thing to have LibRaw connect up to that. Except the critical data_size variable isn't being set.

Failing Kodak pictures:

Please email me directly (1st 4 characters of user name) @ and I can be helpful in providing a link to download a somewhat dated collection of raw images for testing purposes. It is not my intent to make this resource public but interested parties are free to contact me about it.