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Not trying to be annoying

Not trying to be annoying here, but ...

OK we get into canon_load_raw with "maximum" set to 4095 (fff), discover that "canon_has_lowbits" returns true so maximum is not changed to 1023. I find this curious since the pixel value evaluation that is going on later is checking against a fixed value of 1023 rather than comparing against "maximum".

So, should the derror check actually be if the pixel value exceeds maximum? I am wondering if in release mode this right-shift operation is actually just being optimized away because there result really isn't being used. One of the things with serious C obfuscation is that today's optimizing compilers tend to interpret fancy side-effects as being irrelevant and just throw them away. This differs compiler-to-compiler, so if you are using GCC (some version?) and I am using VC 2013 we might be seeing vastly different results in optimized code.

Especially when someone is using a right-shift as a value test.

Paul Crowley