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RGB_image = Get_RGB_Image(file)

Hi all,

First post here. I'm very much a Newbie in RAW image work, and have only a little knowledge of C.

I run a Canon 6D with a fisheye lens that creates allsky images every 45 seconds during the night.
That's a lot of images, which I need to convert to PNG format with embedded customised metadata (not EXIF).

I program in Interactive Data Language (IDL), and have written a program to create the necessary PNG files with
embedded metadata. However the current workflow is CR2=>TIFF=>PNG which takes a lot of time and a lot of disk space!

I'd like to have a workflow like : CR2=> PNG !

So in my IDL code I need a library call like RGB_image = Get_RGB_Image(xyz.CR2).

A single, simple call that hands me back the deBayered RGB image as an array in memory that I can then
write out to a PNG file with the necessary customised metadata.

I don't care about the EXIF metadata or JPEGs in the CR2, just a decompressed, debayered RGB image.

Has any kind person already written such a wrapper in LibRAW?

Any advice appreciated!


Andrew Cool