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Thanks for replying so

Thanks for replying so quickly Alex.

Can you think of any other ways I could attempt to get around this this with LibRaw? My application is running on a Rasberry Pi 2. Unfortunately my processing pipeline seems to be bottlenecked by the time it takes to write to the Pi's SD card. Despite having the fasted SD card available, writing is quite slow with the Pi 2. With 16bit TIFF's and then having to write out another PNG or JPEG to disk I think the cumulative effect is adding roughly 25-30% extra processing time to each photo.

Since my application converts 100s of pictures per job this can add quite few more minutes for each capture session. Perhaps I need to look in to modifying one of the source code examples and trying to figure out how to modify the code to do this myself. Do you think this would be possible? I'm not an experienced C++ programmer though and so any pointers would be most welcome. If you think it's a non-trivial task then perhaps I'd be best to just live with the extra time this steps takes.