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quote from libraw_cxx:

quote from libraw_cxx:

    if (O.ca_correc >0 ) {cablue=O.cablue; cared=O.cared; CA_correct_RT(cablue, cared);}
    if (O.cfaline >0 ) {linenoise=O.linenoise; cfa_linedn(linenoise);}
    if (O.cfa_clean >0 ) {lclean=O.lclean; cclean=O.cclean; cfa_impulse_gauss(lclean,cclean);}

CA_correct_RT() - is for demosaic pack GPL3, backported code from RawTherapee, chromatic abberration corrector.
cfs_linedn() - some kind of de-banding by high frequency filtering, again from Emil Martinec/RawTherapee/GPL3
cfa_impulse_gauss() - out of range pixels cleaning, same source/copyright

All three was contributed by RawTherapee in 2011.

LibRaw contribution policy is very simple
1) we accept *all* contributed code
2) the default settings are 'not used'
3) no extensive testing, just test that output image is not completely damaged

The same true for dcraw_process() itself.
Our "mission" is to decode RAW data and metadata. We're happy if user (developer) interaction with LibRaw ends just after unpack()/unpack_thumb() calls and all postprocessing is done by calling application. Standard postprocessing is very similar to dcraw (as dcraw_process() implies), it is not fast and not high quality.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC