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Ok, that addresses wf

Ok, that addresses wf_debanding(), thanks.

What about the cfaline / linenoise parameters, 1st block, with:

int cfaline; float linenoise;
Line noise (banding) reduction.
positive value turns this feature on (default: off).
linenoise - amount of reduction. Useful range is 0.001 to 0.02. Default value is 0.0

It's used for the same purpose apparently. Is that directly coming from dcraw? You didn't play with it either? Any idea if that's meant to affect things for unpack() or for raw2image()/dcraw_process()/dcraw_make_mem_image()?

I'll try to reverse-engineer this a bit but would be great to have any additional information on what your source code does with this if you have it hanging around. The code is quite... dense on that level!