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Thank you for these caveats.

Thank you for these caveats. I noticed the need of using the user_black, user_cblack.

I notice the use of COLOR() is somehow same as using FC(), right? The latter is used in raw2image() apparently.
I haven't go through those functions yet. COLOR() is not documented so can you say a bit more about how to use this? I had a look in libraw.h
You wrote:

int COLOR(int row, int col) { return libraw_internal_data.internal_output_params.fuji_width? FCF(row,col):FC(row,col);}

If COLOR(row, col) gives a color value at pixel(2,2), that value must be in some color table, right? Where/how do I know which color table this COLOR() output value corresponds to?

Or did you mean, more simply, that COLOR(row,col) is meant to be used like this:

colorValue at pixel (2,2) = imgdata.image(COLOR(row,col)) ?

which would just consist in converting 2D coordinates in the 1D buffer index.