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Sorry, docs slightly outdated

Sorry, docs slightly outdated in this particular place, to be fixed ASAP.

unpack() in current LibRaw (0.16+) stores raw data in imgdata.rawdata.raw_image (or color3_image, or color4_image). This is one component per pixel for raw_image (bayer)

raw2image() pupulates imgdata.rawdata into imgdata.image[][4] array (4 components per pixel, but only one filled with value for bayer images).

image[][4] than used to all postprocessing by dcraw_process()

this is because of modification made on 0.16 version. Prior to it, unpack() works with imgdata.image[] directly, so
1) multiple processing (dcraw_process()) of same raw data with different settings was impossible.
2) it application uses only raw data and do not need dcraw_process() (so, do own processint), image[] is 4x waste of memory

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC