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Demosaicing seems not multi-threaded...


I'm currently working on a scientific code that performs correlations to assess displacements between pairs of RAW images. I say that the RAW images come from a PhaseOne IQ180 because it may be the cause of my problem: the demosaicing seems not be accelerated with OpenMP.

To make the test, I compiled libraw with OpenMP activated (and with a compiler that support OpenMP).
During demosaicing, only one core (over the 8 cores I've got) works, maybe excepted at the very beginning where all cores seem to work at about, let say, 20% for a quick moment (as htop suggests). I tried to set different values to the system variable OMP_NUM_THREADS, but it does not change the behavior.

My questions are:
Am I doing something wrong?
Is the demosaicing procedure for PhaseOne raw format fully parallelized?

Thank you for the insights you can give me, and congratulation for the time spent in developing libraw.
Vincent Richefeu