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using libraw in closed source application


I'm sorry, I asked the same question in libraw tech support forum subsection but cannot find it, so I'm going to ask one more time in here.

I'm want to make a closed source program using libraw for a third party, the problem is the GPL licence, that does not allow me to use it in closed source programs. On the main page there is a bit written about contacting you in case we need another type of licence, but before that i want to ask in general (and also for future reference to others.

I've seen a forum topic somewhere in here when someone asked you about licencing in closed source android app and you answering about using LGPL or CDDL

Is it possible to obtain another types of licence and what kinds of licence are you considering for closed source applications?

My application is going to use libraw without modifying it, there is just going to be compiled (into a library) file linked by the application inside the application folder.

I'm not a copyright lawyer or very knowledgeable in this field, so I'm asking.

I'm hoping for a quick answer :)