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Hi Alex, thanks for the quick

Hi Alex, thanks for the quick response.

Sorry I should have mentioned that I recompiled my app when linking to the 0.16.0 libs. However, after debugging further I have realised that the LibRaw lib functions actually appear to be working ok, and that my problem lies somewhere else. The problem now is that the 0.15.4 and 0.16.0 libs produce different results for the following code snippet:

myRawData = myImg->dcraw_make_mem_image();
bitDepth = myRawData->bits;

For the *same* image, linking to 0.15.4 libs gives bitDepth=16, whereas linking to 0.16.0 libs gives bitDepth=8. This is despite the output_bps parameter being set to 16.

Any insight as to why this would be the case?