Noob! python libraw and Fujifilm RAW


I'm trying to write a python code to sort all the pictures/images taken with lots of cameras

so far starting to look at JPGs everything looks good but as soon as I enter the RAW - territory I get a lot of inconsistencies with other libraries

so this searching got me here

any one had luck writing python to look at exif data in Fujifilm raw files ???


LibRaw is not about (full)

LibRaw is not about (full) metadata extraction, it is about raw data decoding (although it decodes some metadata too).

Probably Exiv2 library (w/ python wrapper) is better suited for your task.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

after dealing with a "kind of

after dealing with a "kind of new to me" way of reading basic data out of exif ...


pyexiftool worked awesome, I reads every format of image (if it has exif) and if not , its because the image has no exif at all