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LibRaw 0.16.0 dynamic library - Problem?


I have developed a program that links to the thread-safe dynamic library from LibRaw 0.15.4 on a Mac (with OS X 10.9). This has worked perfectly for several months, and the developers of LibRaw are to be congratulated on providing such useful functionality.

I recently upgraded to LibRaw 0.16.0, and dynamically linked my (modified) application to the new dynamic library (libraw_r.dylib, libraw_r.10.dylib). However, the LibRaw functionality no longer works (functionality is essentially just loading a raw image). The code hangs at the point at which the raw image is loaded using LibRaw. I have also compiled my application, and liked to the LibRaw 0.16.0 dll, on a windows machine, and everything works correctly there. I tried swapping out *just* the libraw_r.dylib and the libraw_r.10.dylib, and replacing them with the libraw_r.dylib and libraw_r.9.dylib from LibRaw 0.15.4, and my Mac application works correctly again.

I am just wondering if there is any known issue with the Mac version of the thread-safe dynamic library for LibRaw 0.16.0?