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The red and blue filters on

The red and blue filters on most digital cameras are 'wide', so these channels will respond to your (monochrome green) signal.

BTW, if you want to ignore R/B data completely, you may use:

LibRaw lr;

After these piece of code, your image pixels will reside in lr.imgdata.image[][4] array.
To access pixel value you may use lr.imgdata.image[(row*width)+col][C], where C is color index (R: 0, G: 1, B: 2, Green2: 3).
So, you may interpolate anything you want using only G and G2 channel data.

Use lr.COLOR(row,col) to get color index for given pixel (i.e. which bayer color corresponds to row/col pair)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC