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The rendering tools will

The rendering tools will inevitably use differing sub-components. The only way to stop that s to forbid progress in rendering tools.

The DNG spec has been submitted to the ISO for consideration, so there is some discussion happening there, I assume.

Other people can have input, but I can tell you that Adobe is most interested in speaking to people who are at least willing to acknowledge the good work they have already done, and who seem to have a good grasp on the issues.

When you lead with a discussion of backward compatibility that, if implemented, could only serve to cripple development, that is an issue. Your discussion also seems to be unaware or inexplicably dismissive of the modifications done to the DNG spec that were made in the interest of third parties.

Camera Manufacturers unwillingness to support DNG is a political issue, not a technical one, as far as anyone has ever been able to show me. It would be nice if Adobe could order them to support DNG, but that's not possible.

As to usable, DNGs can be read by most Adobe products, Capture 1, Bibble 5, Lightzone, Apple on system level, and Windows on a system level, and nearly all DAM products. Calling it "unusable" is probably not a good way to start a discussion, and is, I would suggest, not accurate.

Keep in mind, that I do not speak for Adobe in any way. They may be happy to talk to you, but in general, they like people who have done their homework first.

I am curious as to who exactly "we" is.