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Dear Peter, Please, in your

Dear Peter,

Please, in your own words, take some time to try and understand what the article is about. In doing so you will find the answers to many of your questions right in the article, including specific suggestions and the archival value of allowing more proprietary tags like colour decoding profiles of un-specified structure.

By the way, in your opinion, shall we consider that the history of DNG starts with v. 1.2 and ACR v. 4.5? In that case, it is not a bad start. But what to do with the users invested into DNG at v.1.0 stage? Were they misled?

We would appreciate if instead of simply ruling out the results of our experiment as purposely skewed you would do those yourself and post the results proving your point. As one of the methods of verification archival properties, we suggest you make a DNG out of a RAW file, and then delete from a copy of that DNG all vendor-specific EXIF fields to evaluate the difference in processing results between the "pure" DNG stripped of those vendor-specific EXIF fields and more complete data.

We would also love to see your priorities being sorted out. You begin your second paragraph with "most important", and continue with "most importantly" in the paragraph next to your last one. Such phrasing indicates that you were rather sloppy, again, to use a word of yours, while writing your comment.

It is our feeling that the readers of your comment would benefit from a disclosure more detailed than just The DAM Book author; like mentioning your special relations with Adobe in the status of Adobe Alpha Tester.

Iliah Borg