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If you have two PNG

If you have two PNG converters, that take a BMP and turn it into PNG form and found that the output from these converters were different, what would you do? Note that PNG is simply using lossless compression on a BMP any differences means someone is at fault!

Why does this change for RAW converters? Aren't RAW converters "suppose" to be "lossless" or are they horrifically lossy programs that have been touted about as needed by people who have a vested interest in keeping the status quo?

OpenRAW makes far more sense. Proprietary formats don't matter so much as holding a knife to Adobe's throat and saying "we're documenting our RAWs now, so update your code for all platforms because you only exist because of our customers." Companies working together for the betterment of the consumer rather than whatever they think they're doing, should be the real goal here.