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CrossCompiling for Android

I am trying to compile LibRaw for android, but I am getting stuck.

I downloaded the ndk, setup a standalone toolchain for android-9, added that bin folder as first to my path,
and ran ./configure --host=arm-linux-androideabi

I did need to update the config.sub file since it was very old and did not recognize this host setting. After that it completely ran ./configure and I tried to run make.

Here it however failed fast:

LibRaw-0.14.4$ make
depbase=`echo internal/dcraw_common.lo | sed 's|[^/]*$|.deps/&|;s|\.lo$||'`;\
	/bin/bash ./libtool --tag=CXX   --mode=compile arm-linux-androideabi-g++ -DPACKAGE_NAME=\"LibRaw\" -DPACKAGE_TARNAME=\"libraw\" -DPACKAGE_VERSION=\"0.14.4\" -DPACKAGE_STRING=\"LibRaw\ 0.14.4\" -DPACKAGE_BUGREPORT=\"<a href=""></a>\" -DPACKAGE_URL=\"<a href=""></a>\" -DSTDC_HEADERS=1 -DHAVE_SYS_TYPES_H=1 -DHAVE_SYS_STAT_H=1 -DHAVE_STDLIB_H=1 -DHAVE_STRING_H=1 -DHAVE_MEMORY_H=1 -DHAVE_STRINGS_H=1 -DHAVE_INTTYPES_H=1 -DHAVE_STDINT_H=1 -DHAVE_UNISTD_H=1 -DHAVE_DLFCN_H=1 -DLT_OBJDIR=\".libs/\" -I.   -I/usr/local/include  -g -O2 -MT internal/dcraw_common.lo -MD -MP -MF $depbase.Tpo -c -o internal/dcraw_common.lo internal/dcraw_common.cpp &&\
	mv -f $depbase.Tpo $depbase.Plo
libtool: compile:  arm-linux-androideabi-g++ -DPACKAGE_NAME=\"LibRaw\" -DPACKAGE_TARNAME=\"libraw\" -DPACKAGE_VERSION=\"0.14.4\" "-DPACKAGE_STRING=\"LibRaw 0.14.4\"" -DPACKAGE_BUGREPORT=\"<a href=""></a>\" -DPACKAGE_URL=\"<a href=""></a>\" -DSTDC_HEADERS=1 -DHAVE_SYS_TYPES_H=1 -DHAVE_SYS_STAT_H=1 -DHAVE_STDLIB_H=1 -DHAVE_STRING_H=1 -DHAVE_MEMORY_H=1 -DHAVE_STRINGS_H=1 -DHAVE_INTTYPES_H=1 -DHAVE_STDINT_H=1 -DHAVE_UNISTD_H=1 -DHAVE_DLFCN_H=1 -DLT_OBJDIR=\".libs/\" -I. -I/usr/local/include -g -O2 -MT internal/dcraw_common.lo -MD -MP -MF internal/.deps/dcraw_common.Tpo -c internal/dcraw_common.cpp  -fPIC -DPIC -o internal/.libs/dcraw_common.o
internal/dcraw_common.cpp: In member function 'void LibRaw::read_shorts(ushort*, int)':
internal/dcraw_common.cpp:119: error: 'swab' was not declared in this scope
internal/dcraw_common.cpp: In member function 'void LibRaw::write_ppm_tiff()':
internal/dcraw_common.cpp:9235: error: 'swab' was not declared in this scope
make: *** [internal/dcraw_common.lo] Error 1

I don't understand what I am doing wrong. It fully compiled when I don't target android. Did anybody succeed in compiling this properly? What am I missing?