Getting 'unresolved external symbol' errors


I am trying to build the LibRaw as part of the FreeImage-Library (which has no new version since 2018) and I am getting some 'unresolved external symbol' errors in the linker.

-> sony_ycbcr_raw(..)
-> pana8_decode_loop(..)
-> panasonicC8_load_raw(..)

I attached a screenshot (sorry it is in german) -> "nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol = unresolved external symbol"

I tried for several hours to find the problem, but to be honest I have actually no idea :)

Help would be great - Thanks,

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You need to add LibRaw

You need to add LibRaw source files added in last public snapshot to your build.

(src/decoders/sonycc.cpp and src/decoders/pana8.cpp)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Sorry, my mistake

Hello Alex,

sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees - sorry for the obvious mistake on my side :)

Many thanks for pointing it out,