Convert to Tiff so That it looks as close to raw preview as possible?

Hi, Is there any way to convert from raw to tiff so that it appears as shown in the raw preview.

I know you can extract the jpeg preview, which is pretty much what I am asking for as it is basically what is shown in windows viewer. But is there anyway to properly convert from raw to tiff that doesn't change the colours too much from the ones that appear in the raw preview. At the moment the converted tiff is vastly different to the preview. I think it may be to do with the colour correction or white balancing. Any advice would be great.



Sorry, there is no such

Sorry, there is no such function in LibRaw.

To match vendor (out-of camera JPEG) colors one needs to use same (vendor) color profile data and same contrast (tonal) curve. Tonal curve, in turn, is settings-specific.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC