Find parameters for dcraw_make_mem_image

I use the dcraw_make_mem_image method to get a full-sized image.
But colors differ from "thumb" image.
I used the parameters use_camera_wb, no_auto_bright, use_camera_matrix but the result is still not the same.

Are there any ways to get a full-sized image with the same colors as the thumb?
For example, If you upload a raw image in Lightroom, the desired result is displayed.

I would be very grateful for the help)


Thumbnail is generated by

Thumbnail is generated by camera, using own camera settings (color profile, contrast curve). There is no built-in way (in LibRaw) to replicate out-of-camera JPEG.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

add-on library

Can you recommend any add-on libraw library, which can make better replication of JPEG?

This is not about add-on

This is not about add-on library, but about data.
To replicate in-camera rendering you need to use:
a) same color profile (as used by camera firmware)
b) same exposure (midtone) compensation
c) same contrast curve

AFAIK, such data is not published by vendors. Generally, it is possible to measure this data using test shots (separate measure for each camera you want to support).

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC