Just Demosaic


How I could apply the interpolation only without all other enhancements like white balance, output_color, gamma Curve and so on. I could create my own implementation of those but really need to get consistent data from a camera which capture 100 consecutive images. I am hoping interpolation will output consistent values for each images. Or any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance


Some interpolation methods

Some interpolation methods are based on proper lightness calculation. For these methods, demosaic w/o prior white balance will provide wrong (and visually very bad) results.
Also, data scaling in desirable to lower rounding errors.

Anyway, you may create your own dcraw_process() call without steps that are unnecessary to you. In LibRaw's dcraw_process() there is no way to skip pre-interpolations steps (scale_colors, pre_interpolate) /and after-interpolation convert_to_rgb() is also always executed).

Alternatively, you may fix all processing params via user_* variables.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC