Sizes - sensor data

I am reading a Canon 7D file using libraw, and cannot find the following information, that would be in the Exif info.

Sensor Left Border 168
Sensor Top Border 56
Sensor Right Border 5351
Sensor Bottom Border 3511

Thanks, and also for the previous response.


Canon stores sensor active

Canon stores sensor active area in Makernotes (vendor specific), not in EXIF fields.

LibRaw do not use this data, so for Canon 7D active area (reported by LibRaw) is 5202x3465, while left-top corner is at 50,158

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

active area

So is (50,158) in 5202 x 3465 the same pixel as (56,168)


no problem

I think I have it figured out. Thanks.

(I answer anyway: this

(I answer anyway: this comments are public and may be helpful for other users)

LibRaw extract full visible area, 5202x3465 pixels. Canon's suggestion of smaller area, '5184x3456', is ignored.
Probably, Canon's suggestion is smaller to make some room for demosaic, do not know.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC