Damaged CR2 file from Canon can be repaired?


I am not a developer, but I reached you after a very long way of trying to repair a damaged CR2 file from my Canon 5D mark ll. The question is: can a damaged CR2 file be repaired? I tried a little bit in a HEX editor to change something but it didn't worked. I used "dcraw-9.19-ms-64-bit" tool and reported me an error like "Corrupt data near 0x665694". I don't understand what this error is.
I have these damaged files from a bad connection transfer from card to PC. I shot raw in B&W and I can extract the B&W jpeg image, but I can't process the file in Photoshop nor DPP or any other editor. And I strongly need the color jpeg.
I have a link for a CR2 file if somebody have the time to analyse it: http://we.tl/smrdYIfCRA
I can't upload it here because is way too big than 1Mb.

Thank you very much,


Canon CR2 files are lossless

Canon CR2 files are lossless JPEG (Huffman) compressed. If raw data is damaged, you'll unable to correctly decompress data up to nex (L)JPEG sync tag.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC