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Damaged CR2 file from Canon can be repaired?


I am not a developer, but I reached you after a very long way of trying to repair a damaged CR2 file from my Canon 5D mark ll. The question is: can a damaged CR2 file be repaired? I tried a little bit in a HEX editor to change something but it didn't worked. I used "dcraw-9.19-ms-64-bit" tool and reported me an error like "Corrupt data near 0x665694". I don't understand what this error is.
I have these damaged files from a bad connection transfer from card to PC. I shot raw in B&W and I can extract the B&W jpeg image, but I can't process the file in Photoshop nor DPP or any other editor. And I strongly need the color jpeg.
I have a link for a CR2 file if somebody have the time to analyse it:
I can't upload it here because is way too big than 1Mb.

Thank you very much,