LibRaw 0.13

LibRaw 0.13 is available for download.

This version contains several big changes, improvements and bug fixes:

  • New low-level buffering code for Huffman decompression. Canon CR2 files are opened about 1.5x times faster than on LibRaw 0.12, other huffman-comressed files unpacks in 1.2-1.3 times faster.
  • Exposure correction code based on linear-cubic root combination. Correction range is from 0.25 (-2 stops) to 8 (+3 stops)
  • All 0.12.x features, including new cameras support and half-size/green-matching fixes.
  • Changes and additions in demosaic-packs:
    • Banding suppression code.
    • High-frequency noise suppression.
    • Green channels local averaging to suppress maze artifacts.
    • OpenMP speed-up in median filters and green equilibration.
  • Bug fixes and improvements:
    • Better parsing of unknown command-line params in dcraw_emu sample
    • Brigtness table in ahd_demosaic is calculated in reversed order to prevent possible (very unlikely) multithreaded app problem.
    • Fixed file extension in half_mt.c sample.
    • Fixed incomplete data fields reset in LibRaw::recycle()
    • Patches for ./configure system for better LCMS2 support
    • math.h included before any other includes to make KDE compile with Visual C++ happy
    • Fuji FinePix S5500 size adjusted to ignore (rare?) garbage at top of frame.

Bug reports, suggestions are welcome.