General questions about inclusion of LibRaw into dlRaw


A bit on and off I'm contemplating to base my dlRaw on LibRaw.

dlRaw is GPL V3. Does it mean that I would have problems of licensing with most of the demosaicing packs ?

How is your process of tracking dcraw looking like ? I.e. how confident can I be that your approach is not going to give me more headaches then every now and then doing some 2 hours of intensive dcraw 3 way comparing to cope with the changes ?

dlRaw is based on having split dcraw in 'phases' with Caches in between. My 'second phase' does (as dcraw) the whitebalancing and then interpolation. This is run over and over when tuning the whitebalance controls. Is this somehow compatible with the LibRaw model ?

Before this 'second phase' the image is loaded, but there's also a hook - via imagemagick - to load at this stage any other format (on which whitebalancing and all the other stuff minus demosaicing) can be done. Can this survive a transition to LibRaw ?

Thanks for thinking with me ...



I have not a look into dlraw

I have not a look into dlraw source, so my assumptions are based on your short explanation.

It looks like you have own postprocessing pipeline, different from dcraws. I guess, you may use LibRaw's as RAW reading tool (open_file() and unpack() calls), then switch to own processing pipeline.

Licensing is not a problem: LibRaw is licensed under LGPL ('upgradeable' to your GPL3), demosaic-pack-GPL2 is licensed under GPL2+ (also no problem) and AMaZE is licensed under GPL3, no problem too.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC