LibRaw 0.11.2

LibRaw 0.11.2 released and available for download.

Changes are:

  • Due to well-known bug in Mac OS X OpenMP implemetation, OpenMP acceleration is completely disabled for multi-threaded programs on Mac OS X. Single-threaded programs may use OpenMP, you need to compile LibRaw without -pthread compiler flag for it.
  • New dcraw 9.05 imported, new cameras supported:
    • Canon: G12, SX120, 60D,
    • Hasselblad H4D, Nokia X2, Olympus E-5,
    • Nikon: D3100, D7000, P7000,
    • Panasonic: FZ40, FZ100, LX5,
    • Pentax: K-r, K-5, 645D,
    • Samsung GX20, WB2000