raw to tiff conversation without any processing

Hi! I am just trying to do a data conversation from raw (e.g. cr2/cr3/.iiq) to uncompressed tiff like in dcraw -4 -D -T image_name.extension. But as dcraw doesn't support latest cameras, I tried to use simple_dcraw with the same command line, which writing data (3 channel,color) with demosaicing I guess. I need full-resolution, non-demosaic, non-interpolation data. Please help.


There is no direct

There is no direct alternative to dcraw -d/-D in LibRaw's dcraw_emu

Use unprocessed_raw and/or 4channels samples to dump unaltered raw data.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Thanks Alex, it's working

Thanks Alex, it's working smoothly what I needed. unprocessed_raw -T Image.CR2

Bipul Mohanto
Color Management Enthusiastic