Support for Fujifilm Super CCD EXR sensor layouts

While waiting for the confirmation email, I read a bit further and already found a hint in the "LibRaw Project Goals and Objectives: Planned improvements" towards my question: How well is the support for my Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR implemented?

The answer seems to be: "not yet complete". Supporting RAF files produced by EXR cameras has a quirk: As the sensor layout has diagonally arranged (octagonal) pixels, the raw files in EXR mode contain two sub pictures with different interpretation, depending on the operation mode.

HR (High Resolution): To optimize resolution, the sub pictures may have to be treated like diagonally interlaced parts of one whole image. I know no software which does that, not even from Fujifilm; the Raw File Converter 3.0 by Silkipix, offered on the Fujifilm website, does not support their S200/S205 EXR RAF format. Possible that Adobe Lightroom knows it, but I don't have that, can't afford it.

SN (Signal/Noise): To limit noise, the result may best be an average of the two sub pictures, like RawTherapee can do since version 5.6.

DR (Dynamic Range): To optimize color depth, the sub pictures may have to be treated like a HDR exposure pair, like HDRMerge does.

I wish you best success finding good implementations...


Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

LibRaw is able to extract both sub-frames via params.shot_select (=0,=1) option.

LibRaw's postprocessing do not merge two frames, you'll need to implement this in your code.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Well, one more question...

Well, one more question...

Beyond the core library, you also provide a few command line tools with your installation package.

Could you add support for reporting header details per included raw image if a file contains more than one frame? I hope this way I can find a way to discover if there are differences in the attributes of both contained images, to tell apart "High Resolution" from "Dynamic Range" dual capture raw image files by comparing their attributes.

I believe hardly any software at all is aware of raw image files possibly containing more than one image frame.