Crashes in 0.18.8 potentially due to Chinese metadata?


I'm using LibRaw 0.18.8 in an Android application amongst other things to read thumbnails. I'm seeing a lot of crashes that I cannot reproduce. All I have to go on are slightly unhelpful backtraces:

  #00  pc 0000000000032e50  <...>.so (_ZN6LibRaw12unpack_thumbEv+1076)

and less often:

  #00  pc 0000000000048094  <...>.so (_ZN6LibRaw8identifyEv+1243)
  #01  pc 0000000000019a63  <...>.so (_ZN6LibRaw15open_datastreamEP26LibRaw_abstract_datastream+98)
  #02  pc 00000000000194c9  <...>.so (_ZN6LibRaw9open_fileEPKcx+128)

I have so far neither managed to get better backtraces nor to identify a picture to reproduce the error with. What I did notice though, is that almost all crashes seem to come from users of Chinese phones (Xiaomi, Oppo), while my overall user-base has only a very small share of these phones.

Not much to go on unfortunately. Could it that LibRaw chokes on Chinese metadata on Arm? Any idea how I can test that?

Any pointers appreciated. Thanks!


Unfortunately, we do not have

Unfortunately, we do not have any experience on ARM, all mobile apps uses LibRaw on own risk, we're unable to provide any support for this (no development toolchain, no emulators, nothing).

If you're able to get real file samples that produces repeatable problem (and the problem is reproducible on PC/Mac), please share samples with us ( Without samples it is very hard to say anything.

We have some (limited) sales of our FastRawViewer (uses LibRaw, of course) to Chinese users and there is no chinese-specific bug reports.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC