Question about "use_camera_matrix"

Hi Alex,

I have a question about "use_camera_matrix". Specifically,

1. During what stage will the camera matrix will be used?
2. If the color matrix is unavailable? what matrix will be used to go from "RAW" to "Camera_RGB"?

If I want to use the "adobe_coeff", should I set it as "3"; if I do not want to use any matrix, what "key" and "value" should be used?




1) If use_camera_matrix value

1) If use_camera_matrix value suggests to use camera (raw metadata) color, than this color data is copied over rgb_cam array at open_file() stage.

2) If camera matrix is not available, embedded color data (from adobe_coeff() large array) is used.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC